2021 International Conference on Enterprise Management and Economic Development(ICEMED2021)
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Topics include but are not limited to the following areas:

Topics1:Enterprise Management

Enterprise development and strategyMarketingHuman resource management
Financial managementInternational operation and management

Enterprise operation and management

Topics2:business management

Entrepreneurship and innovationStrategic human resource managementDecision-making and business model
ICT and Management ApplicationOperation and managementCustomer relationship management
Business research methodsBusiness managementBusiness policy and strategy

Topics3:Industrial economy

Industrial organizationIndustrial structureIndustrial strategy
Theoretical and empirical analysisIndustry development

Topics4:Industry development

Economic methodologyEconomic policyEconomic system
Financial economicsAdvanced microeconomicsAdvanced macroeconomics
International Economics (International Market Analysis)Marketing methods in modern economic environmentAnalysis and Application of Commercial big data
The method of enterprise merger and acquisitionFinancial Economics (Corporate Financial Management)Economic statistics and econometric analysis