2021 International Conference on Enterprise Management and Economic Development(ICEMED2021)
About ICEMED 2021

2021 International Conference on Enterprise Management and Economic Development (ICEMED2021) will be held in Nanjing, China on May 14-16, 2021.ICEMED 2021 will focus on the related research fields of economic development and enterprise management, aiming to provide a professional academic exchange platform for experts and scholars, technical personnel and development talents in related fields, and jointly explore the new development of economic development and enterprise management. Experts from universities, scientific research institutions, scholars, enterprises and other relevant personnel are warmly welcome to contribute and participate in the conference. Through this meeting, participating scholars can listen to the wonderful reports of well-known experts and share the leading research results and innovative ideas in the industry.

Keynote Speakers


Prof.Chuihui Huo

Asia-Australia Business College of Liaoning University

Research Area:Strategic Management; Innovation Management; Marketing

Speech Title: Scientific Risk Performance Analysis and Development of Disaster Management Framework influencing COVID-19: A Case Study of Developing Asian Countries


A.Prof.Zhaojun Yang

Southern University of Science and Technology, China

Research area:Financial Engineering

Speech Title:Financing Mode Design with Secured Debt and Security Token Offerings under Asymmetric Information 


A.Prof.Yan Zhang

Nanjing Audit University, China

Research area:Technological innovation

Speech Title:Responsible or Innovative? -- Research on Behavior of Enterprises Based on Complexity Science 

Vasilii Erokhin.png

A.Prof.Vasilii Erokhin

Harbin Engineering University,China

Research area:International trade, globalization, trade integration and liberalization, developing countries, economies in transition

Speech Title:Pursuing Sustainable Development: The Economic Policies Trajectories in the Post-COVID Era

Meeting Time

May 14,2021 - May 16,2021
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